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Most Inspiring People of 2009

Earlier today I read an article in The Independent entitled Most Inspiring People in 2009 by Johann Hari.  I would like to add a name to that list or really just create my own little list.  The person that I would like to honour as the most inspiring person of 2009 is a lady named Susan Magdalane Boyle from Blackburn – a former industrial town in West Lothian in Scotland.

As there has been so much hype about her, I’m sure you’ve heard of her?  I must confess that I normally find hype of putting, but there’s just something about Susan that can’t be ignored.

Susan had a long held dream that she had been working towards for years.  Without trying to be dramatic, it’s fair to say that Susan endured a lot of ridicule along the way and I’m sure she on many occasions she must have felt like giving up. However, she did not; she continued and literally marched onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and sang her heart out.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The facts are, however that prior to her history making performance, Susan was what typical everyday person that people typically refer to as a nobody.  However she proved that she is someone.  A message to the world that everyone is someone in their own right.  It’s not to say that everyone should find their way through X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or the next reality show.  Rather the key is to find and nurture the talent that resides within – whatever it may be, simply being who they were born to be[i].

I therefore choose Susan Boyle as an inspiration because while those on the Independent list are undoubtedly advocates for everyday people, Susan is a direct representative of everyday people.  A true lady, with a sweet demeanour and the true voice of an angel which brings tears to my eyes.  She is truly inspiring and I whole heartedly hope that she continues to shine and inspire.

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[i] Play on the song titled “Who I Was Born to Be” from Susan’s Debut album “I Dreamed A Dream”

What Gives Us The Right …?

Like some many others, I had the priviledge of listening to Susan Boyle auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent over the weekend. Beyond shadow of a doubt her singing was impressive, but as the more I read commentaries on the audition, the more I become saddened and concerned.

You see I’m increasingly reading comments where people very casually refer to her as ugly or express a desire to give her a makeover. The fact that she does not look like someone from a glossy magazine does not make her ugy – from that perspective, she’s just another everyday person.

Possibly singing in front of an audience and possibly the Queen means she will need to sharpen her image a bit, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she needs a complete makeover.

So I say well done to Susan. If she does want a makeover, then good for her, but if not then may she happily be as she is.

For the rest of us, one of the judges, Amanda said that Susan was a big wake up call. Let it truly be so as the question on my mind remains – “What Gives Us The Right?”


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