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Milton Keynes

Even though Milton Keynes continues to develop and evolve, in many ways Milton Keynes today has not changed from the Milton Keynes of 2008 when “Touching The Heart of Milton Keynes” was  originally published.

It’s still a land of roundabouts that continue to amaze people.  People still associate us with concrete cows and it’s maintained its maintained its lush greenness within a very urban evironment.

Most important of all for most of us that live here, work here or have some other stake in the City, it still remains a place that we love and cherish.  I hope that through reading this book you will gain some insights as to why.

Be drawn into a place of growing beauty and charm that truly has something for everyone has Milton Keynes comes to life in this concise, yet comprehensive and multi-dimensional exploration of a city often misunderstood.


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