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Reflecting on 7th July… In 2005 and 2013.

Tweet Today, the 7th July 2013 marks the 8th anniversary of the London bombing by four terrorists. It’s also the morning that we wake up to the news that Abu Qateda has finally been deported from the UK.  In addition to the news of suicide bombings in Uruzgan, Southern Afghanistan; Baghdad, Iraq; and  Lahore, Pakistan, […]

In Fairness to a Generation

Tweet The Most Competent, Capable and Caring Generation  this Nation has Ever Produced Vice-president Joe Biden gives the commencement address  at the University of Pennsylvania’s 257th commencement 2013   I like the opinion expressed by Joe Biden, which I personally will extend to apply to young people across the world.  Overtime, however, I have found […]

The Eyes of a Child

Tweet I know it’s probably not the end, but I’m glad that there has been a ceasefire called in Gaza.. Even though I have studied it from the perspectives of history, academia and the Bible, I’ve I never fully understood the issue of  The West Bank. I hear people speak of Israel’s right to defend […]

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Susan is a Human Resources Capital Optimisation Specialist specialising in areas inclusive of Talent Management with additional interest in a number of other areas inclusive of Education, Community and Social Justice.

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